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Example Questions

Example Questions
These are examples of the kind of issues my clients ask me.

1. Doctor, I am on these various medicines for blood pressure and diabetes.
What is your opinion of what I’m on? Will Alternative Medicine help me?

2. Doctor I have problems with depression, anxiety and I’m sleeping badly. I have a lot of stress both at home and in the workplace. I have started taking St John’s Wort and Herbal tablets from the health food shop. I hardly ever go to the doctor and don’t know any of the doctors at my practice, so I can’t confide in anyone. I’m worried about being put on antidepressants and am worried about any of this being on my medical record because of work. Do you have any suggestions?

3. I have a lot of pain from arthritis, particularly in the damp and cold weather. I have some tablets from my doctor but have started seeing a Chinese Medicine practitioner who is giving me herbs and acupuncture. This is helping but I have heard that Ayurvedic Medicine is a better choice. What do you think? Also what do you think of seeing a Homoeopath for this problem?

4. I’ve tried a number of different therapists for my bad back. These include osteopaths and chiropractors. I’ve also seen my doctor and a hospital Physio. The problem keeps recurring. Should I give up on treatments and accept to live with this recurring pain?

5. Ever since I went backpacking to the Far East where I had a bad diarrhoea illness, my gut has never been right. My GP hasn’t been able to find anything. An alternative practitioner has suggested that I have ‘candidiasis’ which is not a term my doctor understands or accepts. Should I be doing something more?

6. I have cancer, will Complementary Therapies help me?

7. I have finally been diagnosed with ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’. I like to call it ‘ME’.

What Complementary Therapies will help me?

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