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Currently I provide skype or telephone consultations along three areas which can sometimes coalesce with each other.

1) Advice on Complementary Therapies such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and healing as an adjunct to conventional medical therapy and disease management.

2) Advice on various psychological services and therapies such as Mindfulness, Buddhist psychology and Transpersonal Psychology in the management of depression, anxiety and stress.

3) Advice on management of options within the NHS relevant to the client.
(Within the UK over 95% of healthcare is provided by the particular GP practice the client is registered with along with the hospital system associated with this practice by local arrangements within the relevant PCT (Primary Care Trust) which funds the system via the taxpayer. The system is pretty much post code related.

Please note that my perspective is that of a conventional General Practitioner and not that of an Alternative Medicine Practitioner.

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